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Auracorn Traits Quickguide by Crow-Faced Auracorn Traits Quickguide by Crow-Faced
Been meaning to make a visual trait guide for Auracorns, even though technically there's not MUCH in the way of rarity between them other than gem shapes and placement, I figured this may still be handy.

Auracorns are a CLOSED species that belong to me, please don't make your own
Also review my Auracorn 
Adopt TOS please!

Any and ALL Auracorns have a chance to have these traits, including Official-Made, Guest-Designs and even MYOs. There's no restrictions on the combinations of these traits either, and even traits not seen here (ex: Floppy/Droop ears, gills, fins, extra eyes, claws, etc ) are ALL considered common in any combination on any Auracorn. If you're unsure if your Auracorn can have a certain trait not seen, asking is perfectly okay!

Only Official-Made, customs and Guest-Designed Auracorns are allowed to have this trait, as well as the occasional Prize-designated MYO Auracorn slot with this trait as a guarantee. Guest artists are not limited to the number of these they can make for offers either.

Currently only one Auracorn like this exists, not a high chance many of these will be made even for customs. Not Allowed for Guest-artists either.

Not Allowed (Not pictured)
Non-humanoid/equine muzzles (i/e: canine, feline, etc noses are NOT allowed as they are neither human nor equine), Eyes and gems that do not match color-wise AT ALL, feet that aren't hooved, MORE than one gem, any other type of tail, being completely gemless

??? (
Not pictured, formerly not exactly allowed but currently not really being policed or uncertain if should be a trait or not)
Cloven Hooves, jagged ears, small or Very-VERY large ears, Tail tufts made of anything other than hair/fur, 'Sphinx' style (equine/feral Auracorn body with humanoid head )

Special (Not pictured)
Pixie Auracorn Subspecies, Outright Hybrids with other Species (CS) and Taurs/Tauroid bodies
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August 15, 2017
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